Netflix Open Connect

The Netflix Open Connect Initiative provides our millions of members the highest-quality viewing experience possible through efforts with Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to most efficiently deliver content. We partner with hundreds of ISPs to localize substantial amounts of traffic with Open Connect Appliance deployments and have an open peering policy at our interconnection locations.

If you are an ISP with a substantial amount of Netflix traffic, please email peering@netflix.com to discuss interconnection options or fill out the Open Connect Appliance request form for more information on our embedded appliance solutions.

For other content providers or those who are simply curious, we share the hardware design and open source software components of our Open Connect Appliances. These designs may be helpful for other providers of large media files, and are very cost efficient. We welcome commentary and improvements, which will be shared with the community with the goal of a faster, less-expensive internet for all.

We have a variety of open positions at Netflix, including on the Content Delivery team which leads Open Connect activities. If you are interested in working on challenges with tremendous scale and a global scope, please visit www.netflix.com/jobs for more information.